World For Nature

For Trained Professionals

Are you someone who is on the always on the beck and call of those in need? Then this position is for you. For trained rescuers, WFN offers a free permanent membership in exchange for your expertise.


  • Membership benefits 
  • ID Card
  • World For Nature goodies

Note: ID card will be valid for the first two months after which performance-based evaluation will extend its validity for 1 year.


    For Nature Lovers

    Are you someone who loves nature and animals, but need a little guidance to understand how you can help?

    We have the perfect solution for you!

    As part of the WFN Membership program, you will

    • Receive live-training on rescuing animals from World For Nature experts
    • Get free access to informative World For Nature seminars and lectures
    • Exclusive World for Nature T-shirt

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