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Nearly 16 species of birds are endangered in India.

Birds are God’s beautiful creations. However, they are on a severe verge of extinction. As a result, a severe biodiversity crisis exists rights now.

What can YOU help with?

By donating, you're actually helping us out with the following


Our rescue team has trained and experience superheroes who will reach your place and help you out with the situation


Not all rescued animals are in their best condition and cannot released right away. Those animals will be examined and treated


Once those animals are healed, we make sure that they are in the right condition to be released. Finally, we release them into their natural habitat

How can YOU contribute?

Observing the declining nature of birds like sparrows in India, WFN has works regularly towards rescuing birds. It is no surprise that increasing human population and urbanization has led to this consequence. For instance, WFN conducts lectures in several institutions to raise awareness as well as works on ground-level to rescue these endangered species. Hence, your donations will enable us work to save these birds from extinction.

Check out this article to know more about the campaign. To know about similar campaigns, visit World For Nature.

All our efforts are possible because of your support

Your donations are tax exempted under 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act

We ensure the security of your donation transactions

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