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Mission Snake Bite Death Free India

Our Mission is focused on reducing the snakebite mortality rate. Donations will be used for the following cause.

Pocket Guide about Snakes and Snakebite

This Guide will provide information about venomous snakes, prevention of snakebite, and do's and don'ts after snakebite.

Snake Awareness Workshop at School

Trainer will visit schools in rural area and conduct the snake awareness workshop for at least 100 students.

Rescue Kit for trained rescuer

Professional rescue kit will be provided to the trained rescuer is rural area so he/she can safely rescue snakes.

Awareness Session Material to trainer

Trainers will get the training material to conduct the awareness sessions in schools and rural communities. Includes information flex of snakes for presentation.

Anti snake Venom (ASV) Kit to Rural Hospital

Anti snake Venom is the only cure for venomous snakebite, and it is mostly not available in rural areas. Also, ASV is very expansive. We will provide kit of 20 vials to hospital in rural area.

Snake Awareness Training Setup

This setup includes portable projector, projector screen, speaker and mic system.

our gallery

They are very serious in their work and it is reflected in the selfless way they conduct the rescue operations and campaigns.

Pratik Patil Volunteer

World For Nature is not just ambitious in its dreams but just as committed to their deeds.

Sumit Arora Volunteer

Informative campaigns and lectures by Mr. Shubham Pande. Kudos to the WFN team!

Rahi Kaushal Member

The members and volunteers alike are energetic and dedicated to conserving mother nature.

Illeana Volunteer

You couldn't have asked for better, more driven people! From seminars to actual rescue operations, they definitely practice what they preach.

Sam Anderson Member

Saving mother nature is a big commitment. WFN works tirelessly to make sure that we contribute something to do our part.

Siddhi Kumar Volunteer

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