World For Nature

About us

About name & logo

Our logo symbolizes unity and harmony between humans and wildlife—a dynamic high five representing our shared commitment to coexist and protect our planet’s precious biodiversity

“World For Nature” encapsulates a vision of a vibrant, interconnected planet where every corner, every creature, and every community thrives in harmony with the natural world. It’s more than just awareness; it’s about embodying a collective commitment to safeguarding our environment, nurturing biodiversity, and cherishing the delicate balance of ecosystems.

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Vision :

“To cultivate a world where nature thrives alongside humanity, where every action reflects our dedication to preserve, protect, and celebrate the beauty and diversity of our planet.”


“At World For Nature, our mission is to inspire and empower individuals and communities worldwide to become champions for the environment. Through education, advocacy, and innovative solutions, we strive to foster a deep connection with nature, promote sustainable practices, and drive positive change that ensures a flourishing planet for current and future generations.”

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