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Why Environment Education

Environmental education is crucial for equipping future generations with the knowledge to make eco-conscious decisions, fostering stewardship, and enhancing conservation efforts through better understanding and effective solutions.

Membership for schools

This membership supports schools in becoming sustainable by providing resources, tools, expert insights, and collaboration opportunities to reduce environmental impact and educate students on sustainability.

Benefits For Schools

  1. Membership Certificate (yearly membership).
  2. 2 Days Workshop on Environment Education for 2 teachers.
  3. Biodiversity book of the school campus.
  4. Water audit report and budgeting.
  5. Energy audit report and budgeting.
  6. Waste audit and solutions.
  7. Plant nursery development of native trees.
  8. Snake awareness session and Snakebite Awareness poster.

Students Benefits


7th Std. (Level I)

  • Nursery development training.
  • Understanding Biodiversity and Documenting School Biodiversity.

8th Std. (Level II)

  • Nursey development training.
  • Solid Waste Management and Composting.
  • Basics of Water Audit and Energy Audit.

9th Std. (Level III)

  • Sustainable Developement Goals and Climate Change.
  • 5R Training.

Other Features

Monthly Emails of activities

Social Media Presence

Educational Trips and camping guidance

Awards and recognitions

Invitation to attend events and workshops

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