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Dive into the fascinating world of wildlife and explore a diverse array of species from different habitats around India. Click on each category to learn more about the incredible animals that inhabit our country.

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Kashmir Grey Langur
Kashmir Grey Langur Distribution: Northwestern India (Jammu...
Tibetan Macaque
Tibetan Macaque Distribution: Tibet (China), adjacent...
Northern White-lipped Pit Viper
Northern White-lipped Pit Viper Habitat: Forested areas, including...
Mizoram SF
Mizoram – Red Vanda Common Name: Red Vanda Local Name: Senhri (Mizo), Kwaklei...
Large Scaled Pit Viper
Large Scaled Pit Viper Habitat: Mountainous regions, forests,...
Lakshadweep SA
Lakshadweep- Butterfly Fish Common Name: Butterfly Fish Local Name: None...
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