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Meghalaya SB

Meghalaya – Hill Myna

Hill Myna

Common Name: hill myna, myna bird, grackle

Local Name: Pahari Myna (Hindi), Mayna Gaschim (Cachar)

Scientific Name: Gracula religiosa Linnaeus

Description:The Hill myna has a jet-black look, with fleshy wattles on the sides of its head and nape and brilliant orange-yellow patches of bare skin. These noisy, gregarious birds travel in flocks of five to eight members. Up to 2000 meters above sea level, its primary habitats are tropical moist deciduous forests and semi-evergreen forests.

Threats: Because of their amazing ability to mimic speech, hill mynas are commonly kept as cage birds and are mostly trapped for trade. The habitat loss and reduction also pose a hazard to these species.

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