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Goa – Flame-Throated Bulbul

Flame throated bulbul

Common Name: Flame-throated bulbul, ruby-throated bulbul, black-headed bulbul

Local Name: Manikantan (Malayalam)

Scientific Name: Rubigula gularis

Description: The flame-throated bulbul has yellow underparts and an olive-green back. It measures roughly 18 centimeters in length. The bid has a distinctive orange patch on the throat, a white iris that contrasts with the dark head, and a squarish, uncrested black head.

Distribution: India is home to the endemic bird. Living in forests, it can be found extending southward from Maharashtra and Goa throughout the Western Ghats. Typically, small flocks of flame-throated bulbuls can be observed searching for figs, small insects, and berries in the woodland canopy.

Threats: Deforestation and other human activity have disrupted the flame-throated bulbul’s habitats. The bird is highly prized in both domestic and foreign markets, and it is also illegally sought for pets.

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