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Haryana SB

Haryana – Black francolin

Black Francolin

Common Name: Black francolin, Black partridge

Local Name: Kaala Teetar (Hindi), Kala Tetra (Garhwal)

Scientific Name: Francolinus francolinus 

Description: A common breeding resident bird found throughout much of North and Central India is the black francolin. The male bird is black on the face, with rufous underparts, a white ear-covert patch, and black on the collar. The female bird’s body is brown, with rufous markings on its hind neck and white and black spots on its abdomen and chest.

Distribution: Scrubland that borders wetlands and areas near agricultural areas are the major locations for black francolin. These birds favor grass, crops, and shrubs that are both tall enough to provide cover and open enough below to allow for simple ground escape.

Threats: include habitat destruction, poaching, and other human actions that cause these birds’ populations to drop.

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