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Assam– Hollong


Common Name: Hollong

Local Name: Hollong

Scientific Name: Dipterocarpus retusus

Description: The Hollong tree is a large evergreen tree that can reach heights of up to 50 meters. It has a straight trunk with a diameter that can exceed 2 meters. The bark is smooth and grayish-brown, often peeling in thin flakes. The leaves are simple, large, and leathery, with an oblong shape and a glossy green surface. The tree produces large, fragrant flowers that are usually white or pale yellow. The fruit is a winged seed, which helps in wind dispersal.

Economic Importance:

Timber: Hollong wood is highly valued for its strength and durability. It is used extensively in construction, furniture making, and boat building. The timber is resistant to termites and other pests, making it ideal for outdoor applications.

Resin: The tree produces a resin known as ‘dammar’ or ‘dhoona,’ which is used in varnishes, lacquers, and incense. The resin is also employed in traditional medicine and as a waterproofing agent.

Ecological Importance: The Hollong tree plays a crucial role in maintaining the ecological balance of the forests in Arunachal Pradesh. It provides habitat and food for various wildlife species, including birds, insects, and mammals. The tree also helps in soil conservation and preventing erosion due to its extensive root system.

Cultural Significance: The Hollong tree holds cultural significance for the indigenous communities of Arunachal Pradesh. It is often associated with various traditional practices and beliefs.

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