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Bihar – Gaur


Common Name: Indian Bison

Local Name: Gaur (English and Hindi), Kadu (Kannada)

Scientific Name: Bos gaurus 

Description: Gaur is considered to be the largest among all Bovine species. The gaur possesses a strong, deep massive body, with a high convex ridge on the forehead and a prominent muscular ridge extending from the shoulder to the back. The body color varies with age and in sexes. The older bulls are black, while the young and female gaurs have a light brown colored body.

Distribution: Gaur is mainly found in evergreen and moist deciduous forests. It plays a critical role by checking the overgrowth of grasses and returning the nutritive materials to the forest via fecal matter. The Gaur is found in India, Cambodia, Malaysia, Nepal, Bhutan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, China, and Thailand.

Threats: The Gaur population is under severe threat due to habitat fragmentation, poaching, hunting, trade, etc. The meat, skin, body parts, and horns are in heavy demand in local and international markets.

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