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Bihar SB

Bihar – House Sparrow

House sparrow

Common Name: House Sparrow

Local Name: Goraya

Scientific Name: Passer domesticus

Description: The House Sparrow is a little, brown bird with black streaks running across its back. The male birds have white cheeks, a black bib, a grey chest, and a dark brown complexion. The female birds have gray and light brown coloring.

Distribution: Human habitation is directly linked to the House Sparrow. They build their nests in structures, wall cracks or holes, abandoned birdhouses, etc. The primary food source for the bird is seeds, and during the mating season, adult birds also feed their young insects. Except for Antarctica, every continent is home to house sparrows. The bird can be found throughout India’s territories.

Threats: The House Sparrow and humans have coexisted amicably for a long time. However, in the past 20 years, their population has drastically decreased. quick urbanization, which results in a lack of nesting places due to modern designs, the installation of numerous mobile towers, the loss of foraging grounds as green spaces in cities are replaced with concrete structures, quick hunting, etc., are the reasons for their population decline.

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