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Haryana – Blackbuck


Common Name: Indian antelope

Local Name: krishnasaar (Hindi), krishna mriga (Kannada), krishna jinka (Telegu)

Scientific Name: Antilope cervicapra 

Description: Blackbuck is a medium-sized antelope endemic to the Indian subcontinent. The male blackbucks are comparatively heavier and darker than the females. The adult male blackbucks are dark brown to velvet black and have white undersides and eye rings. The female and the young blackbucks are fawn-colored above and white below, with a prominent white circular patch around the eye. The male blackbucks also possess long horns that are heavily ringed at the base and twisted spirally, having around four turns. The horns reach up to 79 cm in length when measured from the base to its tip and are arranged in a “V-shaped” pattern.

Distribution: Blackbucks are found in open woodlands, short grasslands, deciduous forest fringes, and semi-desert areas. In India, fragmented populations of blackbucks are found in Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, and Odisha.

Threats: Over the years, the blackbuck populations have been threatened due to shrinkage and fragmentation of habitat, excessive hunting, deforestation, and pressure on existing habitats.

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