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Himalayan Pit Viper

Himalayan Pit Viper (Gloydius himalayanus)


Physical Description:

  • Appearance: The Himalayan Pit Viper has a robust body with a distinct pattern of dark brown or black markings on a lighter brown or gray background. These markings can appear as crossbands or blotches along the body.
  • Size: Adults typically measure around 60 to 70 cm (24 to 28 inches) in length, although some individuals may grow longer.
  • Scales: The scales are keeled, giving the snake a rough texture.


  • Status: The Himalayan Pit Viper is not currently listed as endangered. However, its remote habitat helps protect it from many of the threats faced by other snake species.
  • Protection: Conservation efforts focus on preserving its natural habitat, especially in light of increasing human activity and habitat fragmentation in the Himalayan region.
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