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Jammu And Kashmir – Kashmir Stag

Kashmir Stag

Common Name: Kashmir Stag

Local Name: Hangul

Scientific Name: Cervus hanglu hanglu 

Description: A sub-species of the Central Asian red deer, the Kashmir stag has a greyish-brown coat, a short dark tail, and a white rump patch. The Kashmir stag possesses a pair of magnificently spread antlers, with each antler consisting of five tines. The brow and bez tines are quite close together, and the beam is strongly curved inward.

Distribution: The Kashmir stag is endemic to India. The deer prefers dense riverine forests and high mountain valleys and is found from the Kashmir valley to the north Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. During winters, the deer is found at altitudes between 1450 to 2480m, while during summers, it is found at altitudes between 3000 to 4000m. In Jammu and Kashmir, the Kashmir stag is found in the forested areas of Bhaderwah, Kishtwar, and Sind Valley, and in the Protected Areas of Dachigam National Park, Overa-Aru Wildlife Sanctuary, and Rajparian/Daksum Wildlife Sanctuary.

Threats: The Kashmir stag faces several threats, including poaching, hunting, predation, habitat fragmentation, overgrazing by domestic livestock, illegal wildlife trade, interspecific competition, etc.

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