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Western Tragopan

Common Name: Western tragopan

Local Name: Jujurana (Kullu valley), pyara (Kinnaur), jyazi (Bushahr), fulgar (Chamba and Kangra), daangeer (Kashmir valley)

Scientific Name: Tragopan melanocephalus Gray

Description: The black plumage of the male birds is speckled with white. On the sides and back of the neck, each of these areas has patches of rich crimson and black surrounding it. The skin of the bird’s exposed face is red, yet its throat is blue. The occipital crest of these birds is tiny and black. The upper parts of the female birds are a pale brownish-grey color, with black patches and delicate vermiculation. The feathers have white streaks in the center and black patches on them.

Dispersal and Environment: The restricted range of the Western Tragopan is located at elevations ranging from 1,750 m to 3,600 m. This medium-sized, brilliantly plumed pheasant loves to breed on steep slopes in the area where damp and dry mountain woods meet. 

Threats: The Western Tragopan is considered the rarest among all living pheasants. Throughout its range, this elusive bird is threatened by several anthropogenic factors.

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