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Jammu And Kashmir – Chinar


Common Name: Oriental Plane

Local Name: Chinar (Hindustani), booune (Kashmiri)

Scientific Name: Platanus orientalis L.

Description: Chinar is a large deciduous tree that grows up to 30m. The tree has a greyish bark, and its maple-like leaves are set alternately on the stems. The flowers and fruits are held in clusters and have a round, burr-like appearance.

Distribution: The tree is native to the Eastern Mediterranean regions, from where it spreads eastwards to the Himalayas. In Jammu and Kashmir, the tree is highly valued as an ornamental tree and is commonly cultivated.

Economic Importance: Often referred to as lacewood, timber is valued for indoor furniture. The bark and leaves of the chinar tree are used medicinally. The twigs and roots of the tree have been used to produce a fabric dye.

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