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Ladakh – Black-Necked Crane

Black necked crane

Common Name: Black-Necked Crane

Local Name: Kutung (Ladakh)

Scientific Name: Grus nigricollis Przhevalsky

Description: The medium-sized black-necked crane breeds in the Tibetan Plateau, in the remote areas of India and Bhutan. The crane’s body is pale grey, while its head, upper neck, and crown patch are all black. Compared to the male crane, the female crane is marginally smaller.

Distribution And Habitat: Eastern Ladakh’s high-altitude ponds and marshes are home to black-necked cranes. For these birds, the only summer breeding area in India is Ladakh. For breeding, the birds come here as early as March and depart by the end of October or the beginning of November. In two valleys in Western Arunachal Pradesh, the black-necked crane spends the winter months in modest numbers.

Threats: The wetlands and marshes, which are considered the breeding grounds for this avian species, have been extensively affected by anthropogenic activities, leading to the loss and degradation of habitats.

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