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Madhya Pradesh SB

Madhya Pradesh – Asian Paradise Flycatcher

Asian Paradise Flycatcher

Common Name: Indian Paradise Flycatcher

Local Name: Dudhraj and Sultan Bulbul (Hindi)

Scientific Name: Terpsiphone paradisi 

Description: This medium-sized passerine bird has glossy blackheads, black bills, black eyes, and black crowns and crests on the males. The rest of the feathers are silvery-white, with black shaft streaks and outside webs on the feathers. The females have rufous underparts, a shorter crest, and a bluish-black crown. While females have short tails, men have long tails.

Distribution and Habitat: Wintering in tropical regions of Asia, the Indian Paradise Flycatcher is a migratory bird. However, during the winter months, southern India and Sri Lanka are home to both locally breeding populations and visiting migrants.

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