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Punjab – Northern Goshawk

Northern Goshawk

Common Name: Northern goshawk

Local Name: Baaz (Punjabi)

Scientific Name: Accipiter gentilis

Description and Distribution: The upper side of an adult Northern Goshawk is dark slate grey to brown-grey, with pale/light grey banded underparts. The bird has broad, rounded wings, a sharp, powerful beak, and strong legs with curved, sharp talons. The bird’s large, wedge-shaped tail serves as a rudder and enhances its exceptional aerial maneuverability. The Northern Goshawk females are larger than the males in size. Both coniferous and deciduous forests have greater altitudes where northern goshawks can be found.

Threats: Deforestation, habitat degradation, persecution, nest-robbing for falconry, heavy metal and pesticide pollution, and persecution are among the threats facing Northern Goshawks.

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