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Common Name: Blue Bull

Local Name: Nilgai (Hindi), Maravi (Kannada), Manapothu (Telegu)

Scientific Name: Boselaphus tragocamelus Pallas

Description: The largest Asian antelope, Nilgai is a sturdy, thin-legged antelope with a laterally compressed neck, sloping back, a white gular patch, and white spots on the face (cheek, and near the lips). Adult males are iron-blue to lighter grey in color, while females and juveniles are sandy brown color. The male nilgai has a long, wispy beard, and short, conical black horns. In adult males, these horns are ringed having one or two rings at the base.

Distribution: Nilgai prefers areas with short bushes, scattered trees and grassy plains. Commonly found in open scrublands and agricultural areas. Being endemic to the Indian Subcontinent, Nilgai is found in India, Pakistan and Nepal. In India, Nilgai is found in the Terai lowlands, Himalayan foothills, Punjab plains, western & central India, Odisha coast and South India in the Nilgiris.

Threats: In India, Nilgai is quite common. In Nepal & Pakistan, Nilgai faces a number of threats including habitat degradation, deforestation, hunting and poaching.

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