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Uttar Pradesh – Swamp Deer

Swamp Deer

Common Name: Swamp Deer or Wetland Barasingha

Local Name: Barasingha (Hindi)

Scientific Name: Rucervus duvaucelii duvaucelii G. Cuvier

Description: A large deer with beautiful 5-6 tined antlers in males. The antlers are branched dichotomously in the upper third of the beam, and this branching continues in every tine till they achieve 10 to 12 tines. The Barasingha is reddish-brown in winter and greyish brown in summer.

Distribution And Habitat: Barasingha inhabits swampy, dry grasslands and sal forests. They are mainly found in Terai and Dooars of North and Eastern India from Assam to Himachal Pradesh and also in Madhya Pradesh. The Barasingha is often referred to as the “Jewel of Kanha” and serves as an official mascot of the Kanha National Park.

Threats: The Barasingha is threatened by habitat loss, fragmentation of habitats, hunting, poaching for antlers and meat, etc.

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