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Goa ST

Goa – Indian Laurel


Common Name: Indian Laurel, Crocodile Bark Tree

Local Name: Matti (Kannada), Ain (Marathi)

Scientific Name: Terminalia elliptica Wild.

Description: It is a 30 m tall deciduous tree with spreading branches and a heavy crown. The grey-black colored bark features deep longitudinal fissures and transverse cracks and is therefore referred to as “crocodile bark.” Moreover, the bark is also fire-resistant. The tree stores water in the stem during the dry season.

Importance: Well-known for its strength and durability, the wood of the tree is widely used in construction works and for making furniture and railway wagons. The tree leaves are used as food by silkworms that produce Tassar silk. The water stored in the stem is often used for drinking purposes during the summer season by the forest folk. The tree is also known to possess many medicinal properties.

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