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Jharkhand – Sal


Common Name: Sal

Local Name: Salwa (Hindi), Ashvakarna (Sanskrit), Sakhua

Scientific Name: Shorea robusta C.F. Gaertn.

Description and Distribution: This large, deciduous tree can grow up to a height of 40m. The tree’s green leaves have a leathery feel and a coarse texture. The Sal tree is native to the Indian Subcontinent and is also found in Myanmar and Nepal.

Economic Importance: The Sal tree is a significant timber-producing tree. In India, after teak, Sal is considered the second-most significant tree for timber wood. The tree yields an oleoresin named “Sal Dammar,” which is used as incense and in paints and varnishes. An essential oil called “Chua oil” is obtained from the Sal resin that is used as a fixative and also for treating ear troubles and cutaneous diseases. The Sal tree leaves are used to make cups and leaf plates. The seeds of the tree yield “Sal Butter,” a fatty oil used for cooking and lighting purposes.

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