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Mizoram ST

Mizoram – Indian Rose Chestnut

Iron Wood

Common Name: Indian Rose Chestnut, Ceylon Ironwood

Local Name: Herse (Lushai), Nag Champa (Hindi), Nahor (Assamese)

Scientific Name: Mesua ferrea L.

Description: An evergreen, middle-sized tree that has a dense conical crown. Flowering occurs from April to May, while fruiting takes place from August to October. The tree is found in India, Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Importance: Used in making railway sleepers, bridges, posts, musical instruments, etc. The stamens yield the drug Nagakesar. The oil from the seeds has antifungal activity against many pathogenic fungi. The seeds also contain fatty oil that is used for soap-making. This arboreal species acts as a sink for dust pollutants.

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