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Roaring Lion Canvas Frame

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Capture the raw power of nature with our Roaring Lion at Night Frame. This stunning artwork features a majestic lion roaring under the moonlit sky, creating a dramatic and captivating scene. Perfect for any room, it adds a bold, mystical touch to your decor, ideal for wildlife enthusiasts and art lovers alike.

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Behold the magnificence of the roaring lion, immortalized in this commanding canvas frame. Crafted with the essence of the savanna at heart, the frame exudes strength and vitality. Made from aged mahogany, its deep, reddish-brown hue evokes the sun-kissed plains where the lion reigns supreme.

The frame’s edges are expertly beveled, resembling the rugged terrain of the lion’s domain. Each corner is adorned with intricate etchings, reminiscent of the lion’s intricate mane, cascading like waves of golden fire.

Standing proudly, the frame’s silhouette mirrors the lion’s regal stance, its width offering a sense of stability akin to the lion’s grounded presence. At the top center, a subtle yet powerful emblem depicts the lion mid-roar, capturing the essence of its ferocity and majesty.

This frame is more than a mere holder of art; it’s a tribute to the untamed spirit of the lion, symbolizing courage, resilience, and the untamed beauty of the wild.

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 45 × 20 × 45 cm


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