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Tamil Nadu – Common Emerald Dove

Common Emerald Dove

Common Name: Common Emerald Dove

Local Name: Maragadhappuraa (Tamil)

Scientific Name: Chalcophaps indica 

Description: A  medium-sized, stocky pigeon, often measuring 23–27 cm in length. The head and underparts are dark vinous pink, with a greyish lower belly, dark brown eyes, and a brilliant red beak. The back and wings are beautiful emerald green in hue. Males have a white patch on the border of their shoulders and a grey crown.

Distribution: Mangroves, farms, densely vegetated woodlands, and tropical forests are typical locations for this species. It is a ground-feeding bird that only seldom perches on trees for anything other than roosting.

Threats: Changes in their habitat due to anthropogenic factors may pose a threat to their population and distribution pattern.

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