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Tripura SB

Tripura – Green Imperial Pigeon

Green Imperial Pigeon

Common Name: Green Imperial Pigeon

Local Name: Bada Harial (Hindi), Dahukuruma (Cachar)

Scientific Name: Ducula aenea Linnaeus

Description: This huge woodland pigeon has a metallic green back, wings, rump, and tail. The undertail coverts are maroon in color, while the head, neck, breasts, and underparts are a pale grayish pink. This enormous plump pigeon is easily recognized by its powerful, resonant call, which often signals its arrival.

Distribution: Throughout Southeast Asia, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, southern China, Indonesia, and the Philippines, the Green Imperial Pigeon is a common resident breeding bird. The eastern regions of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha, and the northeastern provinces of India are home to the bird.

Threats: Hunting and habitat destruction threaten the Green Imperial Pigeons.

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