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Uttar Pradesh – Sarus Crane

Sarus Crane

Common Name: Sarus Crane

Local name: Saras (Hindi)

Scientific Name: Antigone antigone

Description: With a height of 1.8 meters and a wingspan of 8 feet, the Sarus crane is the highest flying bird in the world. This bird’s head, throat, and upper neck are all deep crimson in color, while the rest of its body is light grey. The light grey body section and the red upper neck are divided by a white collar.


Threats:  The effects of chemical pollutants used by farmers, electrical lines, habitat deterioration, and the draining of wetlands for conversion to agriculture are a few of the problems that the Sarus Cranes face. Furthermore, a number of studies have shown that the nesting season of Sarus Cranes has been altered by varying seasons and unexpected precipitation.

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