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Telangana – Spotted Deer

Spotted Deer

Common Name: Spotted Deer

Local Name: Chukala jinka (Telegu), Cheetal (Hindi)

Scientific Name: Axis axis Erxleben

Description: Native to the Indian Subcontinent, Spotted Deer are one of the country’s most common, most seen, and most beautiful deers. The reddish-brown coat of the deer bears prominent white spots (hence the name), while their abdomen, tail, and ears are all white-colored. Male deer have three-pronged antlers which are shed every year.

Distribution: Spotted Deer reside in grasslands and forest areas and primarily feed on grasses, fruits, herbs, and shrubs. The deer has a unique association with langurs. The tree-dwelling langurs provide lookout services from the high trees, while the deer use their fine-tuned senses on the ground. They are both aware of the other’s warning calls and together stand a better chance against a sneak attack from the Tiger. The deer also feeds on the leaves, and fruits dropped by the langurs from the trees.

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