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Tripura – Phayre’s leaf monkey

Phayre's Leaf Monkey

Common Name: Phayre’s langur, Phayre’s leaf monkey, spectacled leaf monkey

Local Name: Chosma Bandor

Scientific Name: Trachypithecus phayrei 

Description: This dark-brown colored langur has a black face with a distinct white patch around the eyes and lips. The females possess a pale patch on their thighs. This arboreal species mainly feeds on leaves of many plants, flowers, various fruits, and bamboo shoots. It has been recorded that Phayre’s leaf monkey also feeds in the rubber plantations in and around the Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary in Tripura. Studies have revealed that due to the ability of the Phayre’s leaf monkey to digest the fruits and leaves of such a large variety of plants, they play a very significant role in seed dispersal and maintaining the health of the forest ecosystem.

Distribution: Phayre’s leaf monkey is tough to spot due to its shy nature. They are found in the eastern parts of Bangladesh, southwestern parts of China, parts of Myanmar, and Northeast India. Once widely seen across many forests in Northeast India, Phayre’s leaf monkey is now restricted to small fragmented patches in Tripura, Assam, and Mizoram.

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