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Lion Closeup One Eye Frame

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Capture the majesty of the wild with our Lion Closeup One Eye Frame. This stunning piece features an intense closeup of a lion’s face, focusing on one powerful eye, exuding strength and regality. Perfect for adding a bold, dramatic touch to any room, it’s ideal for wildlife enthusiasts and art lovers alike.

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The Leopard’s Journey” is a beautiful artwork that combines mystery and nature. The stunning piece showcases a leopard with a galaxy-inspired eye. A delicate butterfly sits on its nose, along with a unique nose ring. The prints are water splash proof and easy to clean. The composition has a yin-yang symbol with fire and moon elements. A peaceful cloud, the ocean floor, green leaves, and soft feathers surround it. This product is without glass, lightweight and durable.

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 45 × 20 cm

Digital Reprint

Water Resistant



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